Sunday, November 26, 2006

Thoughts on Weekend's College Games

LSU vs. Arkansas

-Darren McFadden is the best running back in college football. Against one of the best D lines in the nation, McFadden had 182 yards. Oh and his backup Felix Jones had 137 yards rushing.

-Not playing Mitch Mustain when Casey Dick was having so much trouble showed me how little faith Houston Nutt truly has in his freshman quarterback.

-Tigers won, but again they made mental mistakes. 2 fumbles by the Tigers inside Razorback territory changed the whole outcome of the game.

-LSU has recovered well from their 2 losses. This team has proven they are BCS bowl worthy. Les Miles's team deserves to play with the absolute best.

USC vs. Notre Dame

-In the past years I was not quick to give USC much credit because of how weak the PAC 10 was. This year the team had to replace Leinart, Bush, White, and more, yet this team is in position to play in the BCS Championship Game. Bottom line: USC is for real. Especially that defense.

-Brady Quinn had a rough game all night, but his receivers did not help. Dropped passes killed the Irish. Senior Rhema McKnight dropped a big 4th drown that was crushing to the Irish comeback. Mental mistakes like that can not exist when playing someone like USC.

-Looking back at the game, Notre Dame got blown out because they missed their opportunities. I lost count of how many 4th down plays the Irish failed to convert. More importantly, Weis's team did not capitalize on the turnovers the defense created.

-I feel putting the Irish in the BCS bowl picture is a biased decision. ND has not had the hardest schedule this year, and in their 2 hardest games the team lost by multiple scores. Is this team really that good to be considered for a BCS bowl or is it just the fact that this is Notre Dame, the notorious Catholic school? I am going to say it is the second one.

Texas vs. Texas A&M

-Longhorns got hosed on a touchdown early in the 1st half. Down 6-0, McCoy threw a touchdown pass inside the red zone. The referees called an awful penalty saying offensive pass inference was present. Replays show that was not the case.

-Yes, UT got hosed on a call, but in general the team was not ready to play Friday. The team looked like they were going through the motions.

-A&M coach Dennis Franchione was on the hot seat coming into this year. If his team can get a nice bowl victory, I think you can say that Franchione has cooled off the critics.

Florida vs. Florida State

-I did not think the Gators should of had that much trouble with FSU. Was Urban's team maybe looking ahead to the SEC Championship?

-Freshman Percy Harvin of UF is as fast as you thought he was. His injury is critical to the team because his presence on the field adds that necessary spark.

-Seminoles are in trouble. From the looks of it, this program looks like it may be going down the same route as Penn State. (Old coach, team losing, fans restless, change wanted)

Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State

-Since Les Miles departure the OSU program definitely took a step back. With that said, the school is making progress with 2nd year head coach Mike Gundy. After going 4-7 in 2005 where the defense was atrocious, the Cowboys are 6-6 after a close loss to the Sooners.

-Sooners lost their starting QB before the season and Adrian Peterson at about midseason. Fighting all of that the team has managed to lose only 2 games (the iffy Oregon game and Texas). By A&M beating Texas and Oklahoma beating OSU, the Sooners will be able to play in the BIG 12 Championship. Well done, Stoops, well done.

-When Adrian Peterson went out, the nation felt the Sooners' running game would deeply suffer. Not so fast! In came Allen Patrick. Prior to being the starter, Patrick had only 62 yards rushing in 4 games. For the past 4 weeks Patrick has been the starter. In 4 weeks Patrick has rushed for 665 yards and 3 touchdowns with an impressive 4.7 yards per carry. His success comes out to about 151 yards rushing per game. Not bad at all.

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