Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Saints vs. Bengals

Synopsis: Saints are coming off of a tough road loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers. New Orleans is heading back home at 6-3 to take on a tough 4-5 Cincinnati Bengals team. If N.O. felt they left one slip away, than Cincy must be going crazy knowing they blew another game. The Bengals blew a 28-7 halftime lead against the San Diego Chargers.

Why Saints Will Win: Gary Gibb's D gave up 2 70+ yard runs to Willie Parker of Pitt. Just in general, the D was missing tackles and playing a flat out sloppy game. As for the offense: fumbles. Payton was ticked when Bush fumbled, and he was even more ticked when Terrence Copper fumbled at the end of the game. Payton will be sure to motivate his team to step it up. Surrendering 38 points, missing tackles, and fumbling is something the new ball coach does not want associated with this Saints team. Besides with Drew Brees leading the NFL in passing and rookie Marques Colston leading it in receiving, the only thing that needs to be fixed is that D.

Why Bengals Will Win: Cincy is 4-5. They are not a 4-5 team. Last week was such a hurtful loss for them. You don't think Marv Lewis will have his team pumped up? Carson Palmer had his best game as a pro last week. Going up against a D that surrounded 38 points to a struggling Steelers team must look very appetizing. Also, Chad Johnson seems to finally be playing to his potential. With over 200+ of receiving yards last week, you can be sure Cinco Ocho is licking his chops as well when he goes against a weak cornerback crew.

Prediction: Both teams are coming off tough losses. The one difference is Cincy's was must more devastating. Conclusion? Bengals are going to be coming out of the gate firing on all cylinders. N.O. will once again fall in a hole like they did against Baltimore a few weeks ago. Coach Payton welcome to a two game losing streak!

Bengals 34 Saints 21

One more thing, I have recently been receiving getting these comments on my blog about how the "Saints suck." I am not sure on who the culprit is, but I have a hunch. I, for one, am not falling down into that old New-Orleans-Saints-suck hole. This is a new Saints team. Hurricane Katrina marked the beginning of a new era for the black and gold. No longer shall we compare this Saints team to the "old chokeful Saints" of the past. This is a new era. Reread that. Laugh if you want. Bicker, or do whatever. But for me this is a start of something good. Something good for a franchise that has always had the worst of luck.

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