Friday, December 08, 2006

BCS: Got It Right!

All I keep hearing is how Michigan got screwed, but I have to say I strongly disagree.

First thing, Ohio State beat Michigan. Yes it was a measely 3 but they still beat them. Even so the week after that loss to OSU, UM didn't move back one spot in the polls which I find very strange.

How is it fair to Ohio State to beat UM in the last game of the season (it was sort of like a playoff game) and find out well geez you have to play that same team again. It wouldn't be. OSU won the conference and so did Florida. UM didn't.

Even though I may be a bit biased when discussing in further detail the strength of the SEC, you still can not lie that in fact the SEC is a very strong conference.

Florida had to play 2 extra games. One against Florida State and one against Arkansas, all while UM sat at home watching television. Now FSU may have had a rough season but rivalry games are rivalry games so that game was nothing easy. Also, Arkansas was a 1 loss SEC team thanks to LSU the week before. By no means was Arkansas ''overrated.'' I understand the Big 10 doesn't have a championship game, but it's situations like this where that is in fact an advantage.

Here's an example with the scenario switched. In 2001, Tennessee was set to play Miami-Florida in the National Championship but they had to still play in the SEC Championship. Now if UT was in the Big 10's circumstances they would've been in the NC game. As it turns out LSU beat UT in the SEC Championship and ruined their dream season.

The bottom line is UM is not getting punished for not having a championship game, Florida is just getting a bonus for having played in one.

Michigan had a shot at Ohio State and lost. Why's it fair for them to get a second try while Florida hasn't gotten any?

Also keep in mind I still hate the Florida Gators, it's just that this is the right matchup.

Ohio State should be playing Florida.

BCS: Job well done.

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