Sunday, December 24, 2006

Illegitimate Record

This past Christmas Eve, Hawaii's quarterback Colt Brennan broke the single-season record for touchdowns thrown in a season with 58. Congratulations to Mr. Brennan, but saying he broke the record is an illegitimate statement.

The previous record holder was David Klinger of Houston. In 1990 Klinger threw for 54 touchdowns. Klinger did this in only 12 games as oppose to 14 by Brennan. Back in 2002, the NCAA started including bowl stats as a part of season stats. How is that legit? Changing a rule like that causes all records to be tarnished. Look at the stats, after only 12 games Brennan threw for only 51 touchdowns. That should be his final stat for TDs thrown for the 2006 season.

In 1988 Barry Sanders rushed for 2600 yards while playing for the Oklahoma State Cowboys. In his team's bowl game that year, Sanders rushed for another 200+ yards, yet those did not count onto his final stats. How is that fair when someone in the future rushes for 2700 yards and is considered to be the new record holder?

My thing is the NCAA's decision to make a rule change like they did in 2002 causes a tremendous echo for all college football eternity. Colt Brennan has the record...but he played 2 more games. Clearly not legit.

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