Friday, January 27, 2006

Super Bowl XL

Do not remind me of my Conference Championship picks again. Believe me I have heard my share of "nice picks" and "way to go" since that day both Carolina and Denver lost. Anyway, let's cut to the chase. The biggest sporting event in the United States of America is less than a week away. Before I give you my analysis on the game let me just say this...Don't you think it's odd that one of America's fatest cities happened to get Super Bowl Xtra Large. Alright maybe I am the only one who thought that...

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Synopsis: On Super Bowl Sunday, Pittsburgh will be playing in the franchise's 6th Super Bowl. The organization has not been to the big game since 1996, and for that matter they have not even won a championship since 1980. The Seattle Seahawks on the other hand will be serving in their first Super Bowl ever. The closest this club has ever been to a Super Bowl was in 1983 when Seattle lost 30-14 to Oakland in the AFC Championship.

Why Seattle Will Win: How many times has Coach Holmgren been to the Big Game? Twice. He knows what it takes to win, and he knows what mistakes lead to defeat. After all the criticism Holmgren has endured while the head coach in Seattle, he can shut up the critics for good with a Super Bowl win...and that is just what is going to happen. Why you ask? His team is loaded with the League's MVP and most underrated quarterback. Blitzburgh has not faced a running back like Alexander in the playoffs. That alone will cause great trouble for Cowher's Crew. Along with that, the D in Seattle is young, fast, and damn good. Cornerback Nathan Trufant is an up and coming cornerback who will only get better. The same can be said for rookie sensation Lofa Tatupu, who will be playing in the upcoming Pro Bowl as an injury replacement. Overall, the three main factors in Seattle's win will be Holmgren's experience, Alexander's versatility, and a defense that is suffocating.

Why Pittsburgh Will Win: It was ten years ago, but you can be sure that loss to Dallas in Super Bowl XXX still hurts Coach Cowher when he thinks about it. Remember earlier in the year when a playoff berth was a long shot for this Pittsburgh team? A lot has sure changed since then. They have run the tables by beating the AFC's first, second, and third seeded teams. (First team in NFL history.) With a ferocious defense and a QB playing beyond his years, this team is destined to give Cowher the hardware he deserves. They'll pull off the victory because of the opportunities the defense will set up for Big Ben & Co.

X-Factors: Yes, we all know that Shaun Alexander , Matt Hasselback, Jerome Bettis, and Ben Roethlisberger are important players in Super Bowl XL. Yet that is not what is known as a X-Factor player. A X-Factor player is an individual who is not famous, nor very dominate, but none the less his success is important and vital. For Seattle there X-Factor will have to be 4 year veteran TE Jeremy Stevens. During this season when Stevens has at least 4 catches the Seahawks are 6-0. If he's given the chance to make the play, the Pittsburgh D better watch out. As for the yellow and black their X-Factor is the energetic and outspoken LB Joey Porter. When Mr. Porter has at least one sack, his Steeler team is 7-2. If Porter is sacking the quarterback, then the Blitzburg defense is obviously working.

Matchup History: Seattle and Pittsburgh have played each other 14 times. The Seahawks lead the series 8-6, which includes a two game winning streak (1999, 2003). In those 14 showdowns the average score is 20-14 Seattle. Let's not forget that this will only be the second time in the 21st century that Seattle and Pittsburgh will play each other.

Prediction: I am very excited about this upcoming Super Bowl. Sunday's matchup consists of two teams that have not won a Super Bowl in quite some time (if at all). Also, both Seattle and Pittsburgh are impressive on both defense and offense. Though, in the end I will have to give the nod to Pittsburgh. I believe defense wins championships, and in Cowher's latest D you have 11 men on the field who can flat out disable an offense. Mark my words, The Bus goes out a winner!

Steelers 34 Seahawks 20

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