Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Destiny of a Team...

Just like that it was done. The streak. 34 straight games. Snapped, no more, finished. A little over six minutes earlier the Texas Longhorns looked done. Mack Brown's club was down 38-26 after Dwayne Jarrett stretched himself across the goal line. The game would have been a Trojan victory had Vince Young had nothing to say about it. The easiest way to describe what Vince Young did, can best be shown by looking back at the greatest basketball player ever: Michael Jordan. During Jordan's prime he did whatever was necessary to win. Absolutely whatever. It was like no matter what the circumstances were, or how much time was left, Michael Jordan was going to guide his team to victory. Vince Young did just that last night. I still can't fully comprehend how amazing Mr. Young truthfully was. The Trojans could not stop him during the first drive under the six minute mark in which the Longhorns cut the score 38-33. Young got another chance to show his magic after the defense made a huge stop on 4th and 2. Play by play Vince Young carved his way down the field as the clock continued to tick. Then it was 4th and 5. USC seemed to have stopped the Longhorns. All they needed to do was make one more defensive play and Carroll would win his second National Championship. It wasn't possible for #10 was destined to do whatever was necessary. It was unfathomable to see that the National Championship came down to a 4th down play like it did. The whole season for both teams rested on this one play. As Young ran into the endzone, the noise at the Rose Bowl seemed to be flowing into every household television tuned into the game. After the successful 2-point conversion, and the last ditch effort by USC, the game was over. Game. Set. Match. To end the unforgettable night for every Texas Longhorn fan, the god-like man, Vince Young held the crystal ball in the air. Despite Matt Leinert's cowardly remarks that USC was still the better team, every man, woman and child who watched the game could clearly see that they just witnessed one of the greatest football games ever. But more importantly, they saw the triumphant victory of the best team in the land. The best team in the land, lead by the most profilic quarterback who ever played the game.

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