Friday, January 27, 2006

Brady Ball Back!!

It is Saturday morning and the LSU Tigers Men's College Basketball team is getting ready for their game against the Ole Miss Rebels. As the Tigers warm up for the game one can not help, but be amazed by LSU's current record. Through the team's first 18 games LSU has posted an impressive mark of 13-5. To make matters even more unthinkable is the fact LSU has won 5 straight conference games. Pretty astounding when you think about where this squad was less than a year ago. For all LSU fans, it is something that is unforunately, vividly remembered. The Tigers entered the Field of 65 on fire, despite losing to a good Kentucky team by one point in the SEC Tournament. The first victim of March Madness (or so we thought) was Alabama-Birmingham. Well as the story goes LSU gets stomped. To make matters worse, it is the second straight NCAA appearance where LSU lost in the first round. To throw even more salt into the wound, Brandon Bass left early for NBA and Tack Minor was ruled ineligible for the first half of the upcoming season. Once the year began, the inexperiance of LSU was greatly showcased. The team lost 5 games by a total of 11 points, yet in some bittersweet way Brady's team gained something. The team gained confidence, character, and the mental aspect of the game. Even more surprising was the veteran play of such freshman like Tyrus Thomas (redshirt), Garrett Temple, Ben Voogd, and Tasmin Mitchell. The once sinking USS John Brady, now seems to be spreading it's wings for take off. Brady Ball is at full steam and by the looks of the atmosphere in Baton Rouge, things have not been this exciting since Stro and Jabari ran the paint. It is quite evident this is a special team John Brady has under his wings. A special team that could make Stro and Jabari's run look like a first round exit. 'Nuff said...

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