Saturday, January 21, 2006

Jordan's 2nd Comeback

I was recently surfing the web when I came across an article that listed the Top 10 Worst Comebacks. For the most part, I agreed with everything that was said in the article. Everything except the claim that Michael Jordan's second comeback was a miserable failure. People immediately look at the fact that because Jordan's Wizards never made it to the playoffs during his two year tenure MJ failed. Wrong! You knew that when Jordan came back his game was not going to be the same, but he still showed at his elderly age he could take games over. For instance, in his first season with Washington, Jordan had back-to-back 50+ point games. He is the oldest player in the history of the National Basketball Association to pull off that stunt. Let's not forget that also that same season #23 was elected to yet another All-Star game. Most people seem to focus on the fact MJ could not dunk the way he use to, but what about that fade away? From what I saw that shot was as clutch as it's ever been. Heck, Jordan will be able to hit that shot well into his 70s. All in all, the reason Jordan's Washington Wizards never made it to the post season is merely because of the lack of a supporting cast he had on that team. He pushed those guys to take their game to another level. He pushed them to win down the stretch of each game, but as we all know that never happened enough. One more thing to you Jordan haters: Did you know the UNC grad averaged an impressive 21.5 points and 6 rebounds in two seasons? Pretty darn good for a long time veteran. In conclusion, it is a very ignorant response to say Jordan's second comeback was a flat out failure. Yes, he did not reach his goal as far as getting to the playoffs, but that can not be the only thing looked at. You must look at the very aspect that even at 40 years old the greatest basketball player in the history of the game was still able to display his ability to control and dictate a game.

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Josh Davidson said...

I agree with everything that you wrote. It's about time someone stepped up and let it be known. I never have been a huge MJ fan but I have always respected him. Seeing him do what he did at 40 deserves all the respect that one can give.