Thursday, January 12, 2006

2006 NFL Playoffs: Round 2

I have to say I'm pretty surprised how well I've done so far with my predictions in the 2006 NFL Playoffs. The only matchup that I was incorrect about was the Buccaneers/Redskins game. If Chris Simms understood the concept on how your not suppose to throw to the players wearing a different color jersey, I would be a solid 4-0. Though, 3-1 is not a bad way to start. Anyway, let me cut to the chase on who's going to win this weekend and why.


Washington Redskins @ Seattle Seahawks

Spotlight Player: Shaun Alexander. The former Crimson Tide running back is having a story book season. He's won the MVP, the rushing title, and the record for most rushing touchdowns in a season (28).

Outcome: Last week I was incorrect on thinking that Tampa would beat Washington. This week I will not make the same mistake. Seattle will win because you can only ride on your D for so long. Washington doesn't have a consistent offensive attack...and well Seattle does. Did I mention they have Shaun Alexander?

Seahawks 28 Redskins 16

Carolina Panthers @ Chicago Bears

Spotlight Player: Rex Grossman. #8 is finally back under center. The question is, can he win the big games by making the big plays? Grossman will be going against a hungry, experienced Panthers' defense that has already made the journey to the Super Bowl once.

Outcome: Everyone is so high on the Chicago Bears because of their defense. Don't get me wrong it's awesome, but what about the offense? Carolina has a Top 5 defense along with a solid offensive unit. The Bears will cause lots of problems for Carolina, but in the end the experience of a QB like Jake Delhomme will be the difference.

Panthers 22 Bears 15



New England Patriots @ Denver Broncos

Spotlight Player: Jake Plummer. This old time, gunslingin' QB hasn't had the greatest of times when it comes to the postseason. That may change. This season Plummer's INTs were down and his efficiency was up. In order to shut up the critics, Plummer has to play the game he is capable of playing.

Outcome: The secondary is young and the running game is towards the bottom of the league. Those two problems along with #16 coming ready to play, are what will ultimately lead to the fall of the Patriots.

Broncos 30 Patriots 22

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Indianapolis Colts

Spotlight Player: Edgerrin James. When this guy is able to run, the team is able to put up big time points. When he isn't, defensives are able to throw more guys back into coverage leading to a very predictable Colts' offense.

Outcome: The Steelers are red hot right now and the Colts have cooled off a bit. None the less, the game is indoors where the speed of Indy can be displayed more. Besides Manning isn't about to blow another shot at a Super Bowl title.

Colts 42 Steelers 27

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