Monday, January 02, 2006

My Confusion With the Saints...Again

After the Saints' lost this past Sunday, I am thankful the season is finally over. It was nothing short of a nightmare. Yet, one issue still confuses me. Adrian McPherson. Why did Haslett and the coaching staff not give the rookie a few series during these last couple of games? It is not like the long time veteran Todd Bouman is the future as far as the Saints' quarterback position goes. I understand that as a backup QB your chances of playing are very limited. Bouman has been waiting for a couple years just to earn a start. In the end, I just thought that since the season was already down the drain why not play a rookie behind center just for him to get some experience. After all this McPherson guy has got some serious potiential. Last time I checked there is no red-shirting in pro ball, so what could it hurt? 'Nuff said...

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