Monday, January 16, 2006

Analysis of Division Games

After the Divisional Round I had another impress record. I was 3-1, my only incorrect prediction was the upset the Pittsburgh Steelers pulled against the Indianapolis Colts. Overall, I have posted a 6-2 record in the 2006 NFL Playoffs. Below are some short, quick thoughts that ran threw my head after each game.


-Despite losing, Washington fans have to be very pleased with the defense their team has. In more ways than one, it is flat out suffocating. This team will surely be back in the postseason in the coming years. (Now if they could only get a solid offensive attack...)

-They looked lousy, lost their All-Star tailback, yet still won. How? Coach Holmgren is on a level above others.

-I was impressed that Hasselback and D. Jackson were able to step up big time during their team's most desperate moments. Too be honest I thought Seattle was going to blow it.

Denver/New England

-I'm surprised so many Patriot players were complaining to refrees. That's not the New England team I have seen dominate for the last few years.

-Through all the criticism and pressure, Plummer was able to deliver for his team when they needed it the most. His scrambling and pocket passing were sensational. New England had just cut the lead to a score of 24-13. The Brady Bunch was still hungry, but Plummer drove his team down for a clutch field goal.


-The Indianapolis Colts are turning into the NFL's own version of the Sacramento Kings a few years. Is Peyton ever going to win a championship? I really do not know.

-I finally hope that Bill Cowher gets the Super Bowl he deserves. His team is tested and determined to bring home the hardware. By the way, wouldn't that be a way for Jerome Bettis to go out?

-Troy Polamalu is the best safety in the NFL. Heck, I'd could as far as saying the best defender as well. By the time his career is over, his name will be discussed in the same sentences as legends like Ronnie Lott.


-I thought the defense of Chicago would do well, but it still wouldn't be enough. I never imagined the whole defensive unit would put up a donut like that. Wow!

-Well this is nothing new, the running back position for Carolina is all banged up...again. I think Stephen Davis will never be the back he once was. His career is done. It's Foster's job, but DeShaun is always injured. Nick Goings is a quality back who can play, and just like last year he'll take advantage of his opportunites.

-It was another playoff loss for Chicago, but the foundation is set in the Windy City for this team to be back. Grossman, Lovie Smith, Urlacher, Vasher, and Tillman...

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