Monday, January 02, 2006

The NEW Troy Smith

I just finished watching the Fiesta Bowl between two proud programs: Ohio State and Notre Dame. It was an intense, entertaining game. Though through all the hoopla surrounding the outcome of this bowl, only one topic should be discussed: Troy Smith. For the majority of his college career (so far) this man was only known as the quarterback with potiential. It wasn't until this season that this potiential was transformed into reality. Mr. Smith jump started the Buckeyes' offense during midseason. The once dry offense was putting up big time numbers and causing Buckeye fans across the nation to gaze in astonishment at the playmaker under center. To add to his impressive season, #10 rallied his Buckeyes against Michigan for an epic season-ending victory. The win by Ohio State during America's Greatest Rival ignited the spark to a promising college career. Troy Smith stepped his game up even more with a phenomenal performance against the Irish. The swift moving QB put up Michael Vick-ish numbers against the Notre Dame defense that was notorious for shutting down hefty opponents. The Bucks dominated the Irish statistically, but it was two clutch third down converstions by Smith's athleticism in the closing moments that ultimately sealed an Ohio State win. It is quite obvious after Tressel's victory that Columbus will yet again be the birth of a college superstar. This coming season the Buckeyes will be a dangerous team. Unlike the past, this team will be far more fearing when on offense.

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