Thursday, April 16, 2009

3 Strong Reasons Why Lane Kiffin Being Successful is Good for the SEC and LSU

No coach has had more of a splash in the Southern Eastern Conference recently than Lane Kiffin. He has done nothing short of stir up drama, but rest assured I do think his success will ultimately prove good for the SEC and LSU. Even as an LSU fan who's team lost out on recruits Bryce Brown and Janzen Jackson to Tennessee, I still stay strong to this thinking.

Tennessee v. Florida

In the past this game was an SEC favorite. Remember in 2004 when Tennessee beat Florida 30-28? The game then was a early season fan-favorite fist fight. It was early in the year, but the implications of the game where huge. But in recent years the game has featured nothing more than lopsided Florida victories. Last year Florida pounded Tennessee 30-6 in Neyland Stadium, the year before Florida pounded Tennessee 59-20 in the Swamp. Since 1993, Florida is 12-4 against the Volunteers. If Kiffin can get a good team together than this rivalry can be resurrected. It's unlikely that this year Kiffin's club will beat Florida considering the talent Florida has compared to Tennessee, but I do expect the Vols to hang with the Gators for three quarters.

Overall, Kiffin does well, this rivalry is watchable again.

More recruits to Tennessee

If Tennessee gets good again than more recruits will head to Vol Nation from Alabama. Now granted I know the negative aspect of UT getting good is LSU losing some recruits. That is frustrating, but that's part of the game. With that said, I still think LSU's recruiting class turned out, hmm alright this year. Wouldn't you agree?

But back to the subject, right now Nick Saban runs Alabama. He gets the best recruits there and frankly I have always been a fan of sharing so Kiffin hopefully you can get Alabama to share. Same can be said about Florida. Urban Meyer runs that state, wouldn't be too terrible if some sharing took place in the Sunshine State as well.

LSU rarely plays Tennessee

This is the one some many LSU fans fail to grasp. Yes, I am well aware LSU plays Tennesee in Baton Rouge in 2010 and then in Knoxville in 2011, but after that LSU will play Tennessee about once every four years. Since 1993 LSU has squared off with Tennessee only seven times, but keep in mind two of those games where in the SEC Championship. Overall, five matchups in 13 years. If anything Tennessee becoming good again is a thorn in the side of Florida and Alabama because those two schools have to play the Vols every year no questions asked.

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