Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Prince of Darkness Writes Letter to City of New Orleans

(photo courtesy of DrTyger of TigerDroppings.com)

Dear City of New Orleans,

Hey it's me, Satan, the Prince of Darkness. Look this is kind of odd for me to be emailing you, but I have to get something off my back. Something is going on down here. Something I've never experienced. To put it boldly it's starting to, well, get cold down here. Just the other day I found myself sneezing. I really have no idea why it's getting chilly down here in Hell. Someone told me you guys are the people I should contact about this. Do you guys have any idea why things are getting cold down here? I mean in all honesty it gets colder every day. If I don't find the answer soon this place is going to freeze.

Hit me back,

Prince of Darkness

P.S. I have a Facebook account too!

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