Monday, January 25, 2010

How Does This Fairy Tale End?

Recovery is not always meant for the players on the field, sometimes, like last night's NFC Championship game, it applies to the fans as well. Moments after Garrett Hartley kicked the game winning field goal to put the Saints in the Super Bowl, I had to recover. I, along with 71,000+ fans, had to recover after screaming for four hours. The stress and uneasiness throughout the game was over, wiped away.

I told myself going into the game I would cheer and not submerge myself. I lied. Better yet, I could not stop it. And at the end of the day it was all worth it. The Saints beat the Vikings 31-28 in overtime and the fairy tale continued. But with this latest victory I have to ask the question- how does this fairy tale end?

The Saints have catapulted themselves into the Super Bowl to face the Indianapolis Colts. Countless time in the history of the Super Bowl teams have made the jubilant trip to the Super Bowl. Despite their loss in the Super Bowl the season was still marked a success. Indeed I do agree with that assessment because regardless of what happens on February 7th this Saints team will be remembered for years to come.

With that said, I can not stop thinking about the "ghosts" of Super Bowl past. The unlikely Philadelphia Eagles made an incredible trip to the 1981 Super Bowl. Their story is lost after they lost to the Oakland Raiders. More recently the 1998 Atlanta Falcons who beat the Minnesota Vikings in an epic NFC Championship game. Again, their story, their legacy has been lost somewhat. The Tennessee Titans in 1999 came one yard short of tying the score. Despite their monumental effort what that team accomplished that year is somewhat forgotten. And finally last year when the Pittsburgh Steelers triumphed over the Arizona Cardinals.

The pinnacle moment in one's career is to say that you were number one. That your team was the best. I am thrilled New Orleans won the NFC Championship, but I want more. This fairy tale has been more amazing than anything I could ever have imagined and I do not want it to end.

So what happens next? Does the dream end? Does the team wake up or do the New Orleans Saints live happily ever after?

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Nathan said...

Just come out and say it Chris, a loss is not acceptable! At this point, anything but the Lombardi trophy would be a disappointment. Nobody remembers second place, nobody! Who was the runner-up in the 2006 World Cup? Don't look it up...