Friday, January 18, 2008

The Unthinkable is Now a Reality: Part 1 (of 9)

I still time and time again find myself in disbelief and shock that LSU actually won the BCS National Championship. Don't get me wrong, I hoped for the Tigers to reach the Promised Land the entire season, but when they finally got their it literally left me speechless in the Superdome that evening on January 7. I mean when LSU had officially won that game I thought to myself, "Is this really going on?"

It was.

The Year of the Upset may be over in college football, but its memories do not have to die. There were 9 games LSU played in that where anything but sane. Each game I will relive on my blog and in doing so I will let you know exactly what was going on in my head on those days. Think of this as a 9-part television series.


September 8
#9 Virginia Tech

LSU had just shutout the Mississippi State Bulldogs 45-0 earlier the week before. That win was good, but nothing special. The VTech game would be a measuring stick on how good the Tigers would be this year. I remembered LSU getting humilated in Blacksburg in 2002 by the score of 26-8. I remember thinking an LSU win would not be easy because the Hokies carried an impressive 11 man defense. Another side note was that the nation would be rooting heavily for VTech as the university would be playing in its first football game since the tragic April school shootings.

LSU didn't play a better game than they did on this Saturday night. Alongside my younger brother and good friend, we watched LSU jump on VTech right from the get-go. Before the Beamer's Boys could catch their breath they trailed 24-0. The final was 48-7, a score that could of been much worse had LSU not put in their second team so early in the fourth quarter.

Following the game, talk about a National Title erupted in Baton Rouge, but for me that didn't catch my attention too much; it was only September.

Play of the Game: Keiland Williams embarrassed the entire Hokies' defense on a 67 yard touchdown run. The thrilling back finished the day with 127 yards on 7 carries with 2 touchdowns.

Up next remembering the September 22nd showdown on the Bayou between LSU and the 12th ranked South Carolina Gamecocks...

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