Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Thoughts for the Minority

As the clock struck zero last night LSU was yet again claimed National Champs. But much like every other year doubt has to be present.

Let me say this, the BCS could use some minor tweeking, but my problem is I don't know if I'd necessarily like a playoff.

(Maybe a Plus-1 game?)

Why do I not like a playoff? The regular season would not be as important. Look at the NFL. If your team loses you are bummed, but you realize hope is still there because all your team has to do IS QUALIFY FOR THE POSTSEASON. That is easier than qualifying for the title game.

This was the Chaotic Year by all means. Upsets happened every week and there was no dominant team from start to finish. Yet, in all the chaos the BCS did MAKE the right choice choosing LSU and OSU for the Title game.

LSU was the most legit of 2 loss teams (Georgia: you didn't win your conference; USC: you lost to Stanford.)

Ohio State had a weak regular season schedule, but they are a big school team that had only 1 loss.

LSU won that game last night and rightfully can claim themyourselves No. 1 hands down. Yes, you can say, "Did UGA/USC deserve a shot?"

They got one, but they blew it. Case closed. Understand that. If not you're not stupid, just an idiot.

UGA fans understand they have no validity to complaining at all when you look at everything.

As for USC I have to think the media wouldn't be hyping about them as much if say we were talking about the University of Arizona and not USC.

My point? USC is in LA. Big school, big city, media bias. Don't bother giving me BS that "media bias" doesn't exist.

Again this whole rant of mine is focusing on a small, small group of people who don't think LSU rightfully earned the title. Most people know LSU is the No. 1 team period. From what I have come to see, most doubt comes from media personnel.

Meaning? Controversy is purposely being created to grab people's attention.

(I know you have seen Corso and Herb completely make contradicting arguments one day after saying so-and-so is No. 1.)

America knows the BCS has its flaws, BUT IT IS MUCH BETTER THAN THE OLD SYSTEM. (If you disagree with that your brain resembles the shape of a peanut.)

All in all, like I had said, most of America knows LSU is hands down No. 1...



SMA said...

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~MM~ said...

And what a rant that was too!

First and foremost HURAY for LSU!!! GEAUX TIGERS!!!

Secondly, LSU absolutely deserved that title!!!

From where I sit - up here in Wolverine land - the media is definitely on the side of LSU being the most logical team over Georgia for the most obvious reason, and as you stated, they couldn’t even get out of their own division. As for USC, the media is pinning their missed chance at the crystal football predominantly on the Stanford loss as well. Instead, all sources seem to believe Ohio State, on the other hand, was the unworthy contender Monday night, that anyone other than Ohio State deserved to play in that game; but then I could be on the wrong side of the media “bias” since it is after all Ohio State we’re talking about. It seems to be Georgia’s president who, in my opinion, is throwing a spoiled, bratty-child, temper tantrum because his team didn’t get to go, boo-hoo, and LSU did. He’s the one crying change the standard because his team didn’t get their way.

As far as LSU being the #1 team in the nation, they are as #1 as any former #1 team who earned the title after the designated “championship” game. #4 Florida was voted #1 last year after their championship win over Ohio State, yet Florida got there after losing mid-season by more than a touchdown to the #10 ranked team. Michigan (strictly for example purposes), lost to the #2 team by a field-goal only a day after the loss of Bo Schembechler (not an excuse, simply a point). Was Michigan the better of the teams between themselves and Florida? I believe so, I’m sure Lloyd Carr believed so, but who knows, like Georgia, by losing to Ohio State Michigan couldn’t win their own division and therefore didn’t earning their place in that game. Who did you hear wining about who was more fitting than Florida? Exactly, that’s the distinction between, the teams, the schools and the coaches! Not the media.

An LSU friend last year, upon the prospect of Michigan and LSU meeting up in the Rose Bowl, stated that “SEC teams are usually not compared to Big Ten. . . .” emphasizing the difference in difficulty between the two conferences. I disagreed with his statement then and while that game between Michigan and LSU, unfortunately, never happened, in reality since 1940 the Big Ten has taken 20 NCAA Division I-A titles as compared to the SEC’s 18. AND that has nothing at all to do with the media, big school or big city.

LSU worked for and earned their day at the Superdome and their National Championship title. They played an amazing game (after the first :10 minutes that is, I must admit, I was a little worried there : ) ) against a team that was supposed to be a “big” team and not only won, but they did it with class and style.

GEAUX TIGERS!!! CONGRATS on a job well done and for finishing what they started!!!

Cheers ~