Monday, January 14, 2008

NFL Playoff Chaos

The games this weekend lived up to their billings. I have some thoughts on each outcome as well as the upcoming showdowns.

42 Packers 20 Seahawks

-Ryan Grant fumbled on his first 2 carries of the ball game that in turn gave Seattle a quick 14-0 lead. Suprisely, Coach McCarthy never stopped from putting Grant back into the game. Grant would set franchise records in the game with 201 yards rushing and 3 touchdowns. Now that shows a coach has confidence in his player.

-I am sorry but it seems no one told Brett Favre he is old and should be playing, well, old. Favre was 18 of 23, 173 yards and 3 touchdowns. He clearly displayed he still make the plays...even in the snow.

-Little disappointed how Seattle just fell apart. Yes, the snow start coming down, but you were up 14-0 and lost 42-20? You got outscored 42-6!

31 Patriots 20 Jaguars

-Jacksonville came to win, and had the NE defense not held David Garrad and Co. to 2 field goals they might have. Garrad proved he can be an elite QB as he kept his team in the game throughout the day with his 22 of 33, 278 yards, 2 TD day. Garrad impressed me.

-NE won this game because an individual may have played the greatest game by a QB we have ever seen. Tom Brady was 26 of 28, 262 yards, and 3 TDs. Reread that: HE THREW THE BALL 28 TIMES AND ONLY HAD 2 INCOMPLETIONS! How do you stop a guy like that? Kryponite? And lets not forget Jacksonville has one of the best defenses in the league! I am still in shock.

-Playing in Foxboro in January is an advantage for NE, but not as much as I would of thought. Again, Jax stayed with the Pats throughout the day. New England won because of a QB's exceptional play, not because of the bad play by the opposing team due to the weather.

28 Chargers 24 Colts

-Norv Turner was getting grilled earlier in the season when the Chargers started off 1-3 now he has the Bolts one game from the Super Bowl. Regardless of what happens in the game Sunday, expect A.J. Smith to bring Turner back next season with open arms.

-Phillip Rivers put up some impressive numbers by going 14 of 19, 264 yards, and 3 TDs with one interception. Only problem is the QB is making an absolute fool of himself by yelling at fans after games. What are you doing? He is a heckler, you are an NFL QB! Do not sink to his level and make yourself look like the idiot!

-During the last play of the game, Reggie Wayne and Marvin Harrison were both off the field with injuries. It gets to a certain point when you say to yourself, "Manning and his offense have had bad luck with injuries this year." Injuries definitely piled up in Indy, I mean their best defensive player Dwight Freeney has been on IR for a couple months now.

21 Giants 17 Cowboys

-Eli went 12 of 18, 163 yards, and 2 TDs Sunday in Dallas. For the second consecutive week Manning proved doubters wrong by putting up a moderately good performance. Eli did not need to win the game single-handily, but he did need to make the occasional big play. He certainly did that.

-Prior the game I was saying to my friends that for an NFL team to lose to the same team 3x would be quite an unusual thing to see. I figured New York would pull this one out. Well, I was right because for once the Jints prevailed over the Cowgirls. Sure Dallas won 2 out of 3 games this year against New York, but lets be honest, New York won the game that mattered the most.

-Coughlin has his team playing with a chip on their shoulder. That is the attitude that lead NY to giving Dallas it's 6th consecutive playoff loss. It is also this thinking by Coughlin and Co. that may ulitmately lead New York to the Super Bowl. The defense is clearly the team's best aspect as it shutdown Dallas (38 ppg) to a measley 17 points.

Conference Championship Predictions

Packers vs. Giants

This was supposed to be a game in Dallas between the Cowboys and Packers. Supposed. Green Bay is happy for New York's win because now they get to play at Lambeau Field where it is expected to be 11 degrees Sunday. Yes, Manning is use to cold weather games, but not like Favre. Brett thrives in cold, harsh conditions. I see a close came for 3 quarters that will be blown open in the fourth quarter.

Final: 33 Packers 20 Giants

Patriots vs. Chargers

This was supposed to be the rematch between the Colts and Patriots. I guess the Bolts forgot to lose. San Diego wants revenge on New England after last year's heartbreaking loss at home in the playoffs. The Bolts will be pumped, but so will the Pats. Tom Brady is on a mission meaning he will continue to put up outstanding numbers. More importantly, NE is use to playing in the cold weather. San Diego is not. That weather factor will not be the deciding point on who wins but it definitely plays a role. Let me put it this way, a team like NE likes playing in the cold. San Diego can deal with it. That is a big difference.

37 Patriots 22 Chargers

Super Bowl Prediction

Patriots vs. Packers

New England avenges it's 35-21 Super Bowl loss in 1996. Behind Tom Brady, NE jumps out to an early 14-0 lead. By halftime, Green Bay has cut into the lead, but still trailes 21-10. Favre makes some plays in the second half to cut the score to 21-17, but the Pats pull off a time-consuming drive that ends with a TD and Green Bay realizing a victory is out of question.

Final: 28 Patriots 17 Packers

MVP: Tom Brady (Duh!)

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