Monday, March 26, 2007

Rambling On...


Ron Artest. Incredible defensive player when he's not being Ron. Personally I do not like the guy. He's an idiot for running in the stands against Detroit, and he's an idiot for throwing a women to the ground like he did recently. Artest talked about retiring. Good ahead do it. No sweat off the league's back because your another talented individual who squabbled his talents. (Cough. Isiah Rider.)


Pacman Jones. What do you have to say to the young man who interacts with law enforcements more than a rap icon? Not much except game over. Just a matter of time before Pacman is punished by the NFL. After that he will make some attempts at getting back into the big times, but aside from that Pacman will be another athlete who will waste his talents. Except his wasting will be much worse than Artest's. Put it this way: Artest has had his successes, Pacman just arrived...and now he's leaving. Oh and one more thing, Pacman is meeting with the NFL Commissioner. Yikes! That is the equivalent of meeting the principal in grade school. Best of luck Peanut Brain Jones.

I understand in some ways it was inevitable but seeing Joe Horn not on the Saints hurts...still. Joe wanted a certain amount of money and the Saints were not going to give it to him. I wish he was still on that team, but again the NFL is a business. Horn has missed I think 10ish games in the past two season. Also age is catching up on him so I can understand why Payton let him go. He did so much for that city, especially since Katrina. Too be it had to come to this. Now one of the greatest Saints' ever is playing for the vomit-like Atlanta Falcons.

NCAA Men's Basketball

4 teams remain. I will tell you why they will win...and why they will lose...

Ohio State will win because.... This team was down by 3 with Xavier shooting their second free throw. He makes the free throw, game and the season is over. Miss and Ron Lewis buries a three to send it to overtime for a Buckeye win. Example 2: Tennessee up by 20; 17 at the half. OSU comes out the gates in the second half on a 12-2 run. Game ends with a Oden rejecting a fellow Vol. Nothing can stop this team. They are a team of destiny who seems to overcome whatever is thrown there way. Oh and Oden has not even been used to his full potential. The guy always seems to be in foul trouble.

Ohio State will lose because.... Come on the luck has to run out sometime. Sure they beat Xavier and Tennessee, but seriously who has this team really played that is a highly notable team? Also, Oden has been in foul trouble a lot, which is not a good thing to think about when going against a post-oriented team like Georgetown.

Georgetown will win because.... Jeff Green and the Hoyas post game has been such a huge factor in the past. Against UNC, Hibbert and Co. dominated the boards while Jeff Green provided that necessary spark (22 points, 9 rebounds) to put the Hoyas over the top. And for the 85th time Mr. Oden has been having foul trouble lately. That could be a large dessert for Thompson's team.

Georgetown will lose because.... A lot of people are still not impressed by the Hoyas yet. Sure they beat UNC, but the Tar Heels are a young team. Before that it was Vandy and BC. None of those teams really jumps about at you as being very dangerous. Jeff Green is going to be double-teamed by the Buckeyes all day meaning the post game for Georgetown is going to have to come up huge. That alone will not be enough for victory.

UCLA will win because.... Coach Howland's team lost in the Finals last year against the Gators. Much like last year his team is tough defensively and well rounded. Anyone who is not giving the Bruins any credit should look at the UCLA/LSU Final Four game last year. UCLA was the underdog and they flat out beat the Tigers. Aside from Florida this team has the most experience in the Final Four.

UCLA will lose because.... Florida has not lost a starter from last year's team, meaning the Gators still have the edge in this matchup. Besides who on the Bruins team is going to be able to stop Hortford and Noah? Those two ate the Bruins alive last year, and they will surely do it again.

Florida will win because.... 5 starters. That simple. Florida won the championship last year and they return all 5 starters. They slipped up towards the end of the season, but to be honest, right now, the team looks just as good as in 2006...if not better. With two rebounding machines down low in Hortford and Noah, Gators are always tough to beat. Then you have Corey Brewer, Taurean Green, and Lee Humphrey, all outside threats very capable of running up their scoring charts.

Florida will lose because.... Yes the team has all 5 starters back, but Florida has not looked always looked like defending champs. Had trouble against Purdue, Butler, and Oregon. Plus, the team is going against UCLA in a rematch of last year's Finals. Don't think UCLA is still upset about being humiliated on national television?

Prediction: Ohio State over Georgetown; Florida over UCLA; Ohio State over Florida

In LSU news... Glen "Big Baby" Davis is officially gone. A sad day indeed, but don't throw your towel in on the 2007 season yet. With Baby gone the Stilts will take over the show. Who? Magnum Rolle and Chris Johnson. If Johnson got on Rolle's shoulders and they leaned forward, Johnson would hit his head on the scoreboard. In his limited playing time Johnson showed he can be dangerous. Rolle was still adapting to being a big time player this year so next season I look for even more progress. And another thing, this season was nothing short of a nightmare, but give John Brady one more year before you call for his head. Last year everyone wanted him president with LSU's magical Final Four season. If the Tigers are struggling again next year then off with his head. Until then, I support Coach Brady.

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