Sunday, September 07, 2008

September 7: Football Weekend Thoughts

This past week in Baton Rouge, La., has been nothing short of hell. Hurricane Gustav made sure of that by attempting to ruin all sorts of football entertainment.

He failed because I am still here and I am still going to give you my analysis on some important football games I saw this weekend.


26 Florida 3 Miami-Florida

To the naked eye the final score of this game might make one think it was all Florida all four quarters. As Lee Corso would say, "Not so fast my friend!"

Tim Tebow is an incredible player, but it seems more and more teams are doing a better job of putting pressure on him. (Remember Michigan in the Capital One Bowl?) Miami outplayed Florida in the first half, and maybe could of hung closer if more experience was on the team. Either way, Florida does not look as awesome as they were proclaiming all offseason. The Gators are a work in progress and Superman is not unstoppable.

On the other hand, maybe, just maybe, the U is farther along with Coach Shannon than anyone expected. The 'Canes have the talent it's just a matter of producing on the field.

26 OSU 14 Ohio

Maybe it was the fact OSU plays USC next week, or maybe it has to do with Beanie Wells not playing. Either way trailing the University of Ohio on your home turf going into the fourth quarter is NOT good thing. Listen, personally I think OSU just overlooked the Bobcats. I mean look at the talent on OSU. You think not having Beanie Wells against the Bobcats was really that much of a difference? I didn't think so.

Now let's say OSU did play so poorly because they were without Beanie. Well, then I don't see a happy September 13 for the Buckeye faithful. Reason? This is a clear cut sign OSU relies too much on Beanie. USC will be expecting that. For OSU to beat USC they need Beanie and some more. Make sense?


Ohio State @ Wisconsin (October 4)

We knew this game would be good (at Camp Randall!) before the season started, but now it looks like it could be a classic. The Badgers run the ball crazy (that's a given), but they also seem to be throwing it out more (308 yards against Marshall). When the notorious OSU defense takes the field against the Badgers offense, basic science tells us something has to give.


24 Saints 20 Buccaneers

The ending to this one was nothing short of what the audience expected. But, unlike last year the Saints' D did come through in the clutch. In their first appearance as a team the D unit was shaky at times, but it did seal the victory.

Some key points:

1. Jonathan Vilma. The new linebacker made his presence known forcefully. 9 tackles, all with the same jaw-dropping intensity. The Saint faithful only hope No. 51 gets better.

2. Reggie Bush. No one seems to be criticized faster than Mr. Bush. Okay so maybe he can't be an every down back. So what. Just get him the ball somehow. He's electric and is nothing short of a playmaker. Not every player takes that little slant pass today and turns it into a 42 yard scamper.

3. Pierre Thomas. The undrafted second year man is making a name for himself. 10 carries for 52 yards. With Deuce still recovering and Reggie not being much of an every down back, Thomas has stepped in and done nicely so far. Rumors have it that N.O. is pursuing the recently released Chicago Bear Cedric Benson. Either way, Thomas is moving up the depth chart.

34 Bills 10 Seahawks

Whoa! Are these the same Bills I'm thinking of? Seattle is no pushover so this could be big news for the Bills. Reading the recap on the game, Buffalo jumped out on Seattle and never let up.

For the first time in a while the Bills may have themselves a solid offense, right when Tom Brady is pronounced out for the year. Wow. Can you spell possible AFC East champs? Hmm.

It will be interesting to see if Marshawn Lynch can reach his potential and become that marquee back the Bills have been missing ever since McGahee left town.

Well that covers about all I have to say for tonight. Yes, I could of written more, but again Hurricane Ike is outside my window. What nerve.

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