Monday, February 05, 2007

Critics Silenced; Manning Triumphs

I sometimes am dumbfounded by just how much I enjoy the Super Bowl. I will never again play on an organized fully padded football team, much less the an NFL team, much less for an NFL team in the Super Bowl. With that said, I feel the true reason I am so passionate about the Super Bowl is the mere fact it is one game.
There is not a 7 game series going on, it is one game. One simple game that can define a player's career. For 60 minutes two teams will battle it out for the ultimate prize: glory.
The weather for the game was definitely something we all could of done without. While others were busy expressing their sorrow about having such a pretigious game played in such lousy weather, I was busy admiring warriors battle it out on a cold, wet field.
It was not pretty, but the Colts did win the game 29-17. Manning threw an early INT, but after that the Tennessee Vol grad stayed on the top of his game. In a way I feel this win is pure sweetness. For years, everyone has been waiting for Manning to finally win the Super Bowl. He's a nice guy and a great player so the public got behind him. Numerous times the Colts slipped up. Too be honest, after losing to the Steelers last year I begin to think Manning would never win the big one.

After each heartbreaking postseason loss the finger always managed to be pointed at #18. No matter the outcome, he was at fault. We have all heard the criticism...

"Manning sets the records, Brady wins the Super Bowls."

"He's a great QB, but come postseason he can't get it done."

"Manning is this generation's Dan Marino."

If case you have not noticed, Manning can. The monkey sitting on his back was finally knocked off. First with an AFC Championship victory over the New England Patriots. The most remarkable thing about that game was the simple fact Indy was dead. They were down 21-3, but somehow some way they came back and won.

With a ticket to the Super Bowl, Manning and Co.'s ultimate dream was in reach. Aside from an opening kickoff return, Indy was in control most of the game.

It was not pretty, it was not flashy, it was a win. A win in the biggest game of their lives. In particular Peyton Manning's life...

Congratulations to the Indianapolis Colts on winning the 2007 Super Bowl.

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