Sunday, January 21, 2007

Super Bowl XLI is set! (Stream of Thought)

All the hype, all the drama and in 8 hours the finals for the NFL are set...

39 Bears 14 Saints

-Grossman did not play awesome...because he did not need to. Thomas Jones, much like Bryant Westbrook, consistently beat down the Saints D. 19 carries for 123 yards and 2 touchdowns. He helped Chicago get a lead and keep it.

-Turnovers. Too many silly mistakes put the Saints behind in the beginning, and in the end they crushed any hope of a rally.

-Saints lost for a number of reasons, but cornerback Fred Thomas clearly shows to be a soft spot on the defensive side of the ball. I have always liked Thomas, but his spot on the team may change in the coming future. The speed he use to have is gone.

-Quite an incredible season for the Saints. No reason this team should hang their heads. I think this team will be back to the postseason in the future. (Waiting another 6 years for another spot in the playoffs is not something I want to relive.)

-Lovie Smith becomes the first African-American to ever coach a team to the Super Bowl. Impressive how far he has brought this team in only such a short amount of time. From just getting into the playoffs, to reaching the Super Bowl, Smith has this franchise going places. (And with a QB who will only get better.)

38 Colts 34 Patriots

-If I were a Colts' fan and saw the score go to 21-3 NE I would of left. I thought Indy was done. Manning was going to lose to Brady again...but I wrong. (First time that has happened.)

-Down by 18 points against the New England Patriots is not a place anyone would like to be. And somehow the one man who has been criticized for some many years managed to pull it off. I am in shock on how Peyton Manning put it all together against such a big deficit.

-Peyton made the plays as well as the Indy D. Two thumbs up for that squad. Twice they stopped the Pats while on a scoring drive late in the fourth quarter. Instead of giving up 14 points, only 6 were surrendered.

-An African-American has never coached a team to the Super Bowl and today 2 got into the big game. Congratulations to Coach Dungy on silencing critics and getting to the game so many said he could never reach. (Now to only win one more game...)

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