Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Diminishing Line of Morality

I like video games. They are fun and enjoyable and that's all that really matters. No, I do not spend countless hours in my basement playing them, but if a good game comes out I am sure to buy it and play it.

But recently something struck my eye. Something that made me wonder what has happened to the word "morality" in this country. A new game has come out titled Civil War. For most people another war game does not seem all bad considering their have been numerous video games for World War II, the Gulf War, and various others.

Though the Civil War is an entirely different war when compared to those.

If an American person wants to play a World War II game you can be sure he or she will be satisfied with playing the role of an American soldier. I understand some Japanese and German people may be offended, but for the most part the game will not cause any negative thoughts.

The same can not be said for the Civil War.

Now I do not know, but I suppose the game could have the option of fighting for the North or South. That's not the point though.

For me the Civil War was beyond just another war. It was a tragedy. It is the lowest point in American history. Things got so bad in the United States that war broke out. War. The most horrible act mankind can ever perform.

Just think about that. War. Against ourselves. It is a disturbing thought, but even more hurtful to think it actually happened.

If you were to add up all the American casualties of the Revolutionary War, World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and the Gulf War, you would not get nearly as many casualties as the Civil War.

About 622,000 soldiers were killed during the 5 year war. The goriest battle was the Battle of Gettysburg. In 10 hours of fighting about 53,000 soldiers were killed.

Reread that if you have to. During the duration of the Vietnam War about 53,000 soldiers died. In the Civil War that many casualties occurred in only 10 hours.

Even more chilling is a few years after the war ended in 1865 a couple more hundred-thousand wounded soldiers died.

So in the end about 900,000 soldiers died from the Civil War. American soldiers.

I feel what happened between 1861-1865 is something that should be off limits to all video game developers. It can not be put into words how emotional something like the Civil War was. Everyone in the United States was affected by the Civil War.

As I said earlier World War II was Americans vs. the Germans and Japanese. The Civil War was North vs. South.

A war against each other...

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