Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Senior Squeaks Win Out For Tigers

I attended this past Wednesday's LSU/Arkansas SEC Showdown, and to be honest I can not think of another basketball game in my lifetime with such an up and down ending. After a tough loss to the Crimson Tide, Brady's Bunch knew they had to get back on the winning track. The Tigers jumped out to a 10-1 lead and looked to be in control. Lead by Ronnie Brewer and Jonathon Modica, Arkansas came roaring back. Throughout the game, LSU was in control. Despite this impressive stat, the Razorbacks kept hanging around. Finally LSU started to pulled away, and the game looked like it would be won with ease. Tyrus Thomas just successfully pulled off another alley-oop thrown his way and the Tigers lead 72-58 with 5:16 left in the game. Before the LSU fan could grasp what was going on, the Razorbacks were making a rally. The once energetic Tigers were not playing to win, but rather playing not to lose. Tension was building in the Pete Maravich Assembly Center. This second half meltdown by the Brady's team looked nothing short of the disaster that occurred against Tennessee during the football season. As terrible as it was to imagine, the unthinkable was happening. No way LSU was going to blow this game! After Ronnie Brewer nailed both free throws, the Tigers trailed 77-75 with under 30 seconds to play. Brady's Bunch still had an opportunity to pull out a win. Off of a missed Garrett Temple three pointer, Glen Davis grabbed a rebound. Big Baby attempted to go back up strong, but was taken down with some fellow Razorbacks. Foul on Arkansas, right? I mean Davis was obviously being hacked? Possession Arkansas?! You are kidding me! This is a nightmare! Arkansas had a chance to ice the game. Sean McCurdy went to the line and missed both free throws. Surprisely enough, LSU still had a chance. After dishing the ball off to every man in yellow on the court, Darrell Mitchell got a pass and an open look. Big Baby had just set a pick on Darrell's man, allowing Mitchell that split moment to get a three point shot off. The three pointer swished through the net, and the student section went nothing short of insane. With 11 seconds left Ronnie Brewer tried brewing a shot up. He lunged himself from the three point line and the ball just missed the basket. After it seemed the Tigers had blown the ball game against the Arkansas Razorbacks, the lone senior star Darrell Mitchell stepped up and made the biggest shot of his LSU career. As #22 walked off the court with a huge grin on his face, would could only think: Was that three pointer payback for the one he missed against UConn in the closing seconds? We may never know...

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