Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Hey Perloff What Happened to Respect?

I was surfing the web once again when I came across a "great" Sports Illustrated article at CNNSI.com by Andrew Perloff. The thing about Mr. Perloff's latest article is it clearly shows his lack of respect for the hard worker. Sure it was not the prettiest Super Bowl, but none the less a great amount of respect should be displayed towards the Pittsburgh Steelers who battled through turmoil and adversity to become champions. For the past year these two teams have fought through the season and playoffs to get to a shot at making history. And for 60 minutes Seattle and Pittsburgh duked it out for the ultimate prize. After a tiresome year, relief finally could be felt by Cowher's Crew. None of this is relevant to Andrew Perloff who obviously feels the more important issue is that the game was boring and a waste of time. Well I am sure everyone is sorry to have wasted your precious time. Overall, I would expect a childish remark like that from a youngster, but from a Sports Illustrated writer? Shame shame shame.

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