Friday, October 17, 2008

Death of a T-Shirt

Last Saturday the LSU Tigers got clobbered by the Florida Gators 51-21. The loss was nothing short of painful and embarrassing, yet because of this loss something died. Something immeasurable by any scientific study.

The death was that of my lucky LSU purple t-shirt.

Luck and sports almost play hand in hand. No team has ever been successful without the help of some no-name fan wearing his lucky shirt on gameday. You think LSU won last year's BCS Championship because of Matt Flynn, Jacob Hester, Early Doucet, and Glen Dorsey? Well they did most of the work, but lets not forget another little helper out there.

My shirt that is.

Yes, that purple shirt was special. For a good two years I wore it and last year's season the luck of the shirt was at it's climax. Would LSU had come back and beaten Florida, Auburn, Alabama, and Tennesse had it not been for my shirt? I really don't know.

Let me put it this way, the games I did not have my t-shirt on the entire game (Kentucky, Arkansas) LSU lost.

Scary isn't it?

Even after the 2007 season ended I still felt there was some luck in that shirt. Sure it was a shard of cloth by now, but again some luck was left. September 20 LSU beat Auburn 26-21, which could only mean one thing: the shirt was still alive and well.

But last Saturday I pushed my luck. I obviously without knowing pushed my t-shirt's luck too far. He's done a lot for me, I mean he helped bring in a National Championship for LSU football. I wish I had known prior to the LSU/Florida game that he did not have a lot of time left and that our days of miralce wins were over. He did his best to try and bring a win back to Baton Rouge. Using his amazing luck he did manage to have LSU rally from a 20-0 deficit to a mere 20-14 ball game, but that was all he could do.

Every sports fan knows the death of a lucky item happens when your team puts up a terrible performance. That performance for my shirt was the 51-21 Florida slaughter of LSU.

I write this blog in memory of my purple LSU shirt. You never talked much, but you brought me more fortune than any shirt I have ever had.

May you rest in peace old buddy.

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