Monday, April 14, 2008

The Louisiana Doomsday Clock

Humans are always trying to change other humans. Whether it is a mother trying to change her husband to be a better father, an older brother trying to change what his sibling wears to school, or an entire state trying to change a boneheaded football player's silly antics. People are always trying to change other people.

Ryan Perrilloux is yet again in the spotlight of LSU football for the wrong reasons. Perrilloser as I now like to call him, seems to be a prime example of another human being on this planet who in the end despite every one's nagging and pleading will not change his ways.

I have had enough. I am tired of believing that Perrilloser will grow a brain and stop acting like a childish punk in the near future. I am tired of it because I now realize it is not happening.

Ryan is who he is. His Doomsday Clock is running out, and when it hits zero #11 is gone. And frankly there is very little doubt in my mind on whether or not that will happen.

Ryan Perrilloux will not finish the 2008 LSU football season on the roster. I firmly believe he will yet again do something childish and in turn force Les Miles to deal him his last straw.

What a shame, what a waste of God-given talent. Ryan Perrilloux could be signing a $40 million contract in a couple of years, heck maybe even one year! If he just used his common sense, if he just abide by the rules of society.

But as we all know abiding by the rules of society has never been something Perrilloser has been good at.

Do not be surprised if in the end Ryan Perrilloser is forever known as Cecil Collins II, who by the way will be exiting the jail cell life in 2014.

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