Monday, March 07, 2005

One Outcome, Two Sides

With the score 64-62, the Scott Bulldog's Kenny Byrd missed his second free throw. Senior phenomenon BJ Raymond grabbed the rebound and with seven seconds remaining the St. John's Titans still had a chance, a chance to once again pull out a last minute victory. As BJ raced down the court the noise in Savage Hall was ear puncturing. As the clock neared zero, BJ Raymond took a tough shot that unforunately did not fall. And just like that the game was over, with one team jumping up in joy, and the other sitting in disbelief. With every victory in any sports competition comes two sides to the story. One side representing the victor and one representing the loser. The victor in this instance was that of the Scott Bulldogs. A team that had lost it's previous two games to St. John's by an average of twenty points. One could clearly see the happiness in the Bulldogs when starting point guard James Walker gave a few words. Moment earlier, James Walker had drained an NBA range three pointer that put up Scott 63-62, and eventually gave them the lead for good. " If I make it or miss the loss is on me." Walker's enthuaism once again gave the clear perspective of the two sides to every outcome in a sporting event. James understood it that if he missed the three pointer in the closing moments of the game, that the loss could be put on himself. On one side it was all glory, while the other was pure disappointment. BJ Raymond calmly explained through his eyes the thoughts that transpired when Walker hit the go ahead three pointer. " James Walker is a dynamite player... He wanted to the win the game." In so little time so much took place, so many events occurred that will for sure not be forgotten. One game, one outcome, and two sides to the story. For some it was a day to cherish, while for others, it was a day to forget.

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Great article. Well done.