Monday, August 29, 2005


As the wonderous season known as Fall approaches, one can only hope their famed football teams achieve success. I, for one, am a die hard college football fan of LSU. Though as the days come to a close one fact always remains strong. What's the deal with USC? Yes, I know they creamed the Sooners last January 55-19. I understand they won the pretty BCS football for the first time. ( Notice how they only have one.) Yet, I am still trying to figure out what is the deal with them? All sports media seems to build this team up to be as good as the New England Patriots. Does it have to do with the fact USC is in California near Los Angeles were all the elegant stars live? Whatever it is, I have heard enough. USC is a very talented team, but for crying out loud they are not some team of super humans. This may be a biased remark, but LSU and Texas have just as much talent as those pretty boys out West. The thing that really perplexes me more than anything is how everyone seems to point out how USC went undefeated. That's a great accomplishment, do not get me wrong. But let's not forget one bit of information very important. USC plays in the Pac 10. The schools in that conference are not nearly as good as say schools in the ACC, SEC, or Big 10. Looking at the Pac 10 now I can say there are a few good teams. Teams like Arizona State and California are considered to be towards the top of the league. But then who? Okay maybe Oregon, but they are as consistent as Aaron Brooks. The Bruins of UCLA have talent, but production is sub par. I just find that fact very interesting. Only 3 teams in the Pathetic 10 I mean Pac 10 can be considered elite. Another issue is Matt Leinart. I won't be a complete jerk, Matt Leinert is an excellent quarterback. He truthfully is an exceptional man under center. Mr. Leinert has a terrific arm, great concentration, but the GREATEST college quarterback ever? I am sorry. I am not buying that. We are not talking about the greatest USC quarterback, but the GREATEST college quarterback. Period. I will not believe that. There have been a few athletes in the past who's accomplishments top Matt Leinert. For instance, Bernie Kosar, the man who brought Hurricane football alive. All in all, USC is a great football team. A great football team that seems to be hyped up more than necessary.